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Practising dentists

Dr. Annegret Wiesener SteckDr. Annegret Steck, ne Wiesener

  • 1991 to 1998 Dental Studies at Humboldt University, Berlin
    and at Ludwig Maximilian University, Munich
  • 1998 to 2002 Doctorate at the Department for paediatric Pulmonology
    of the Haunersche Hospital, Munich
  • since 2000 Involvement in humanitarian projects in Nicaragua and Senegal
  • 2000 to 2005 dental practices in Munich
  • since 2006 practice in her own ambulance at this location here in Berlin Kreuzberg

Dr. Rolf Heizmann

  • dentist

Rasha Al Khadra - Praxis am Viktoriaparkvisiting observer

Rasha Al Khadra

  • dentist from Damaskus



Jennifer Freymark

  • Jennifer Freymark - Praxis am ViktoriaparkAssistant


Yvette Hahner

  • Yvette Hahner - Praxis am ViktoriaparkProphylaxis


Chantal Reitmann

  • Chantal Reitmann - Praxis am ViktoriaparkAssistant


Demet Berget

  • Apprentice